Flu Hub: Your One Stop Shop for NIAID’s Influenza Vaccine Initiatives

In The NewsMarch 08, 2024
Flu Hub contributing networks.

The Flu Hub website centralizes networks, programs, & resources within the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) that support the Universal Influenza Vaccine Strategic Plan, and Flu Hub houses more information about the Universal Influenza Vaccine Strategic Plan itself, including descriptions of the three featured Research Areas. 

On the site, you can browse the NIAID influenza research Networks that make up Flu Hub and learn more about their individual goals. Each network is categorized by research types (basic, clinical, and translational) and the Research Areas addressed in the Strategic Plan.

In addition, the Flu Hub Resources page lists publicly available information and outputs from the NIAID Flu Hub networks, including pre-clinical services, clinical trial details, databases, computational research networks, GitHub applications, facilities, and influenza reagents.

The Flu Hub website also offers a Cohort Studies page that centralizes influenza-focused clinical studies funded by the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and others that align with the universal influenza vaccine strategic initiative. The webpage includes a grid that displays an overview of each study with PubMed Unique Identifier (PMID) or National Clinical Trials Identifier (NCTID) links available. All studies are searchable and filterable by meta-data using the left sidebar.

If you have any suggestions for future content, please reach out to support@fluhub.org.