Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Response (CEIRR)

A NIAID funded international research network created to study influenza and combat influenza outbreaks.


The CEIRR Network is a multidisciplinary and collaborative research network. Our Centers study the natural history, transmission, and pathogenesis of influenza and other viruses. Our mission is to better understand how viruses evolve, adapt, and transmit. We are prepared to use this knowledge to engage in the research component of emergency response to outbreaks of influenza and other emerging viral pathogens.


A network of comprehensive flu science worldwide.

Center for Influenza Disease and Emergence Research (CIDER)

Athens, GA

PI: Stephen Mark Tompkins, PhD

Co-PI: Pejman Rohani, PhD

Center for Research on Influenza Pathogenesis and Transmission (CRIPT)

New York City, NY

PI: Adolfo García-Sastre, PhD

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

PI: Walter Orenstein, MD

Co-PI: Anice Lowen, PhD

Johns Hopkins University (JH-CEIRR)

Baltimore, MD

PI: Andrew Pekosz, PhD

Co-PI: Richard Rothman, MD, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

PI: Scott Hensley, PhD

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (SJCEIRR)

Memphis, TN

PI: Richard Webby, PhD

Co-PI: Stacey Schultz-Cherry, PhD

Influenza Data Processing and Communication Center (iDPCC)

Gaithersburg, MD

PI: Stephan Bour, PhD


Marciela DeGrace, PhD

CEIRR Project Officer

Respiratory Diseases Branch


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Erik Stemmy, PhD

CEIRR iDPCC Project Officer

Respiratory Diseases Branch


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