CEIRR Data Standards Overview

The CEIRR Data Standards represent the evolution of the CEIRR Program and the culmination of efforts under the previous CEIRS Programs. The CEIRR Data Standards are used for all data submissions to the iDPCC but are made generally available to anyone who finds them useful to adopt and extend. The iDPCC team is available to assist in your adoption of the standards and to develop mutually beneficial extensions to the standards. The standards are provided as both Standard References and as Submission Templates. The Data Standard References (provided in Excel format) include a detailed description of allowable text and formats, along with examples. The Data Submission Templates are used by investigators and Data Managers to submit data through the CEIRR-only iDPCC Portal.

Goals and Data Sharing Principles

The goal of the NIAID CEIRR awards is to provide the federal government, scientists, and public health personnel with information and public health tools and strategies needed to control and lessen the impact of epidemic influenza and the increasing threat of pandemic influenza. Additional information about NIAID’s guiding principles of data sharing can be found here.

NIAID recognizes that the data and information obtained through the CEIRR Program will be extremely valuable research resources and that the rapid sharing of these data will be essential in advancing research on influenza and developing therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. One of the major roles of the iDPCC is to deposit data on behalf of CEIRR to public databases. These include: Bacterial and Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center (BV-BRC), NCBI GenBank, NCBI SRA, and ImmPort.

Submission Detail by Type


iDPCC Data Dictionary
iDPCC Species Dictionary
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FDA Approved Influenza Vaccine Dictionary

CEIRR Data Standards: provided as both Standard References and Submission Templates.

Standard References (in Excel format): reference information that explains the data fields, formats, and examples for each data standard.

Submission Templates (in CSV format): the files that you use to upload your data to the iDPCC Portal

Customization: The iDPCC team can help you adopt and extend the CEIRR Data Standards for your own research purposes.