CEIRR Network Outreach Efforts at 2023 Conferences

MeetingsDecember 08, 2023
CEIRR-branded #Team stickers: wild bird (mallard duck), marine (harbor seal), ferret, swine, mouse, avian (chicken).

The CEIRR Network investigators, staff, and trainees shared their research at a variety of conferences in 2023. The CEIRR Influenza Data Processing and Communication Center (iDPCC) supported the Network at some of these conferences by participating in the vendor shows. The iDPCC shared the Network’s strengths and accomplishments in influenza surveillance, immunology studies, pandemic response, and collaboration. Through an assortment of outreach materials and social media posts, the iDPCC promoted the CEIRR Pilot Research Program, CEIRR Reagents, and the Network’s research talks and posters.  

The iDPCC exhibited at its first conference of 2023 at the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. from May 11th – 15th. The meeting was attended by over 4,000 attendees and exhibitors made up of predominantly academic researchers. CEIRR members from CIDER, CRIPT, and Emory-CEIRR presented posters relating to immune responses to viruses. Scroll through our Twitter/X coverage or LinkedIn coverage for our debut of four CEIRR #Team stickers, which were a big hit among both external researchers and CEIRR attendees.   

Next up for the iDPCC, we attended the American Society of Virology (ASV) Annual Meeting in Athens, GA from June 24th – June 28th. The meeting was hosted by the University of Georgia – Athens; who are also the lead institution for the Center for Influenza Disease and Emergence Research (CIDER)!  We had a strong CEIRR presence at this conference with 22 talks and even more posters! Check out the CEIRR Twitter/X coverage or LinkedIn coverage for the sightings we caught.  

The CEIRR iDPCC booth at IDWeek 2023 with Communications Lead, Dr. Dylan McClung, and our new vertical banner.

Our last external conference of the year took the iDPCC to Boston, MA for Infectious Disease Week (IDWeek) 2023 from October 11th – 15th. In a landscape of mostly health care professionals and clinical researchers, the iDPCC discussed how the CEIRR Network’s accomplishments impact and connect to health care settings. More than 15 CEIRR-affiliated researchers presented their findings, predominantly about SARS-CoV-2, in talks and posters throughout the conference. For more details, review our Twitter/X coverage or LinkedIn coverage.  

The iDPCC enjoyed sharing the CEIRR Network’s accomplishments around the nation this year, and we look forward to the 2024 conference season!