CEIRR at the ASV Annual Meeting

MeetingsOctober 24, 2022
CEIRR-branded pin in top right, with info card at center. Fun fact: the CEIRR Network spans across 72 institutions and 19 countries!
ASV Info Card with sample fields.

In mid-July, the CEIRR Influenza Data Processing and Communication Center (iDPCC) attended the American Society of Virology (ASV) Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin. The CEIRR booth was visited by attendees from both the CEIRR Network and external researchers. Word spread quickly throughout the conference of the amazing CEIRR gear available, with many of our Network researchers displaying their CEIRR “Ask me about my research” pins. Although the CEIRR branding was not the only thing catching the eye of attendees; the CEIRR Reagents and Pilot Research Program flyers had many interested in the resources that CEIRR supports. 

The CEIRR Network presented over 20 posters and 15 talks!

The CEIRR booth was not alone in representing the Network. There were attendees from every Center, including: 

Check out the CEIRR Twitter coverage for the sightings we caught.